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Add more boss, and party zones       *working...
Edit castle agit's                              *working...
Global chat           *working will enable comunity board. meawhile get the real global chat (when user shout)

regards ;)

Views: 65579 | Added by: mj | Date: 2011-05-24 | Comments (114)

Classic server of lineage 2 prelude
For people that want try the sense of fisrt cronicle and make very simple and fair pvp
because in  c0 u not need be level 80 with A items for get fun.
Was translated to english and moded for make friendly playable for a small number of players.
Some server features:
-Asedy possible with 15 players with d items (the top grade on prelude)
-Goblal start village for all races -talking islan Also all races can return to original town
-No LAW towns Gludio/gludin witht no guards for no rules pvp.
-Global chat
-Group of monsters with good reward For kill in party only
-Custom boss

translation, and scrip work maded by rebelstrik

If u want JOIN
NOTE* We are in beta and i want that all players start to play at the same time... I need at least 50 users Interested.
Go HERE and signature in the questbook


Prelude , is the older version of lineage 2 was before c1 (c0)
is completely diferent from c1 + Is like other game...
the features ,armor/weapon textures , zones... skills. Also character Movements
there are older "version" the l2 corean CLOSED beta You can see photos of l2c0 / l2closedbeta on the Gallery
*Some prelude features.
  World map:
l2 c0 map

Raid bosses:
                    Quennt_Ant:                                                  Core:
antqueen c0 prelude
  l2 core closed beta, server c0

(The boss status will be added on this page , obviously also players status)

prelude features:
*you can set castle tax to 30%
*the only castle siege is gludio castle
*there are no blessed spiritshots or spiritshots
*there are no 2nd class change and lvl 40+ skills (can be added if the people want....)
*buffs last only 10 mins
*weight is influenced by str not con
*there are no towns like oren, aden, hunters
*all bows are slow, even those who are very slow nowadays
*there are no clan halls
*and a lot of more things that werent implemented or were different back in year 2002/2003....


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