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Win 7 / Vista Pacht . For run old l2 chronicles
[ · Download from mirror (1mb) ] 2011-05-17, 11:43 PM

WIN7 / Vista 32 bits versions:   *IF U HAVE 64 BITS follown the guide bellow...
Download totalcmd
Unzip The Totalcmd.exe
right click on totalcmd.exe file and select Compatibility TAB) option of Total Commander to "Win2000"
then right click on "l2.exe" and pick in  "win98"  If not work try with "winVista"
open Totalcmd.exe,in the program menu navigate to L2.exe and run it 
"C:/Program files /lineage 2/system/l2.exe"


WIN7 / vista 64 bits versions:
1 Install xp as secondary windows  -  2 Virtual Machine metod vmware

-Xp as secondary OS metod:  like in this screnn
Dual boot

1 Create a 3Gb partition
 A) In Windows 7, select and
shrink the Windows 7 volume in Disk Management:

 *Hown to shrink a volume (for release space)
     Start / control panel / view By, click on largue icons / administrative tools:
     In the left pane under Storage, click on Disk Management


   B)Pick your win7 volume and right click, and pick "SHRINK VOLUME"
   Release at least 3gb . END

2 Download this Xp install setup files.   *380MB
3 Unzip it
4 Open setup.exe  follown setup guide (nex nex etc...)
  -your computer will restart and shown blue menu:
  -To setup windows xp press enter
  -F8 acept terms...
  -NOWN be sure of select the 3gb partition:

    -If installer ask Format it  (better NTFS FAST)
    -nex nex next etc .....
     *END Nown Your computer only can start ass xp (the installation destroyed win7 MBR)
5 Nown u are on xp.......... need edit MBR Go to 6
6 -Download EasyBCD
-open it, click on "ADD NEWN ENTRY
 "add an entry" pick Windows / Type = windows NT/2k/xp/2k3 /Name = ass you whis / Drive = marck automatic detect

7 Click on the Bootloader Setup button, select (dot)
 the Install the Windows Vista/7 bootloader to the MBR option, and click on the Write MBR button. (See screenshot below)

FINISH when u turn on pc u will see A black scrennasking who System start


-Virtual Machine metod:  *Note this shit metod dont work with Lasers / optical Mouses ...
Download and install
vmware player 100Mb - or workstation. 500Mb
Need create virtual machine, and install windows xp.

I maded 2 virtual disk ready to use. just put 2 files in to a folder and
in vmware menu, Click on: File / open virtual machine.

- XP virtual disk + lineage2 , ready to run. 1,4GB
-Single XP virtual disk: 200Mb

*Note by default have 1gb of ram. Before Play virtual-machine i recomend
configure it with your own settings. (in Edit virtual machine settings)

Category: My files | Added by: mj | Tags: run old l2 chronicles, lineage 2 win vista, win7 old l2 chronicles, lineage 2 Compatibility win 7, win 7 patch Compatibility
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39 Admin  
Thomas try with this system:


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38 thomas  
i can't connect with 32 bit version vista :/ and i tryed all the ways to join

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37 Balgaz  
Link for make account doesn't work :(

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36 mj  
is fixed , sorry

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35 Balgaz  

0 Spam
29 mj  
plzs some win 7 tester pm me for try the new metod

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30 fcortez  
will download this afternoon than at night Ill give it a a try.

0 Spam
31 fcortez  
It don't have a "new instalation" button

0 Spam
32 mj  
u have any buttom? i mean like reinstall , modifi , repair? ?

0 Spam
33 fcortez  
yes, I do, for install Xp (that is not allowed to click), other about information, other to execute additional tasks, and the last one to verify compatibility of my system.

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34 mj  
aaa i see... ok thanks tomorrown ill solve that..

can be By Iso file to burn in to a Cd then install xp during boot...

or just copy the "windows2" installed folder to C:
and much better and easy
so by the second form i need install that xp on my computer and zip the complete xp files "C:\windows2"

the iso metod will work for sure , the other i dont known but will be soo much easy only add windows2 to C: , edit win7 boot and ready

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28 mj  
okey i modified xp instalation files, nown xp install as C:\WINDOWS2 this is for not overwrite your win7 installation

someone test it plzs, ah if "setup.exe" dont work ill put it by .Iso file for burn in a cd... more hard metod........

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